DRA is a non-governmental organisation established and government by a group of individuals with conviction in voluntary and humanitarian work. Accordingly, DRA is managed by a 2-step structure levels:

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Legislative Structure:
This is the direct owning and legislative body who has the ultimate responsibility for the management and running of the organisation. The Apex is the general Assembly (GA) and consists of all the founding members – 40. Of this, a Board of Trustees (BT) of 11 members is selected to chair and run the organisation. The General Assembly (GA) is the overarching and approving body of the overall organisation policies, direction and strategies and is tasking the BT with the implementation of these policies etc. GA meets once every year to discuss previous year (period) progress, discuss Chair Report and approve subsequent plans, reinstate or removal BT – wholly or partially. GA also has the jurisdiction over constitution amendment, change of direction. BT on the other hand is responsible for the management of the organisation through the Executive Directorate. BT members, in addition to their support role to the Chair, have other responsibilities as specialised offices.
  Executive Directorate (ED):  
This is the direct executing boding. The ED is presided on by and Executive Director whose responsibility are the discharge of the agreed policies from the GA or the BT. ED also develops programmes, raises funds, maintains representation, recruit and manage agency personnel and is accountable before the council. ED attends BT meetings as a non-voting member and has the Raporteur portfolio. Assisted with other technical and administrative staff, the ED regularly reports progress to council and feeds back to staff and partners.

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