DRA’s vision is “A Sudan free from suffering and human injustice, with its people enjoying the fruits of peaceful co-existence, social tolerance and economic prosperity”.


DRA exists to “help the people of Sudan, in general and those of Darfur in particular, to escape their current marginalization and suffering; reduce current unbearable levels of poverty; and manage their natural resources for their best interests.

  • A non-partisan, non-race based and non-political.
  • An independent identity, working for the good of the humanity.
  • Participatory, encompassing and involving;
  • Works to promote culture of tolerance and co-existence.
  • Principled and need-driven and works to add value where it involves itself.
  • Cost effective.
  • Positive impact and result orientated.
  • Transparent organization.
  • People-centered.
  • Action-oriented.
  • Consists of extremely experienced members, with good humanitarian and development knowledge as professionals in this field.
  • Builds work move on analysis and takes inventory and account of surrounding environment.
  • Excellent communication ability available for its management and membership.
  • Passionate and respected organization, with good chances for recognition from international community and local contexts.

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