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The Darfur Development and Reconstruction Agency (DDRA) first came into being as a result of a serious analysis in 1991

DDRA’s vision

A staple and prosperous Sudan

Mission statement

We exist to help the people of Sudan, in general and those of Darfur in particular

DDRA’s Overall goal

DDRA aims to contribute to alleviation of poverty and suffering of the Sudanese through the strengthening of their capacity

Strategic Objectives

Enhance resilience and empowering communities to drive the change and
promoting participation and voicing;

For a better tomorrow

Darfur Development and Reconstruction Agency (DDRA)

Darfur Development & Reconstruction Agency (DDRA) has been established and registered in the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs in July 2007 (registration No. 1455. DDRA is a non-profit organization aiming to reduce poverty and human suffering in the Sudan. It works on the understanding that Civil Society Organisations participate and provide humanitarian assistance to victims of natural and man-made disasters.  While local and national organisations differ in their capacity, capability and approach in delivering such work. DDRA has an immense level of accumulated knowledge and expertise.


Current Donors:

These include UNEP; Oxfam America; UNDP and IRD.

Organization partners:

Ministry of Finance and Economy;  Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation; Ministry of Livestock; Five CBO Networks (in each of Central, East, North, South and West Darfur) consisting of 6, 1, 7, 16 and 7 CBOs respectively.


Other partners and donors:

UNDP; UNEP; UNICEF; EU; Oxfam America; WFP


Means for achievement

Direct planning and implementation programmes Study and research information sharing and presentations information sharing and presentations

Values and Principles

*A non-partisan, non-race based and non-political approach *An independent identity, working for the good of humanity *Works to promote a culture of tolerance and co-existence

Distinctive Competence

 Consists of extremely experienced members, with expert humanitarian and development knowledge  Builds work on analysis. Excellent communication ability between management and members . .