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DDRA Management Governance Structure

In order to ascertain effective and efficient management and a guaranteed safeguarding against confusion and clash of roles and responsibilities in how the organisation is managed, the DDRA constitution sets outs clearly two strongly intertwined, but operate distinctly to allow each exercise power, strands of management (1) the legislative strand (the Board of Trustees – BOT) and the (2) executive directorate strand. Whereas the legislative strand wing, representative of and mandated by the General membership to manage set the global messages goals and strategies, and uphold the integrity of the organisation, the executive directorate is charged with the technical leadership, development, fundraising and representation to outer world of the organisation.

It is also this strand that reports progress to the Board of Trustees maintains link with authorities, reaches out for support, through fundraising and development of response interventions. On the other hand, the BoT meets every three monthly, with the executive directorate, receives report of the progress made, approves agency strategies and policies and sets directions. Members of the BoT are volunteers and are not paid nor given any financial incentives. Their biggest incentive is their interest in managing an effective institution that works to help poor communities and reduces their suffering. The executive directorate on the other hand, is made of technical staff, normally recruited to ensure the implementation of the organisation’s strategy: development of interventions, reporting to donors, maintenance of relations with all stakeholders, inclusive of a wide range of partners – donor community, humanitarian organisations, federal and local authorities. This section is led by an executive director, with assistance from Programme, Operation and Financial Managers, Project Coordinators and other departmental associates – for more details, please see DDRA Organogram that illustrates better this.

More important of the Capacity available to DDRA is the technical expertise to plan, manage, and monitor all actions and services the organisation is legally required to meet its contractual obligations:

 DDRA has a track record of financial management and financial reporting to donors and partner stakeholders. This is realized through availability of highly trained and qualified
finance and accounting personnel. In each of our 6 offices there exists a finance
manager/officer charged with responsibilities over financial management and standards
control. These people are assisted with firm policies and systems that make their
monitoring and management of finances possible and effective. We also use most
renowned auditing companies (Hassabo and Company) to audit our finances, annual or
on donor request per contractual provisions;
 Currently DDRA employs an extremely qualified squad of personnel who plan,
implement and manage its operations. These individuals carry a wide ray of the
technical knowledge and expertise required as per type and nature of what we do –
agricultural engineers, agricultural economists, specialists in natural resources,
specialists in business administration. As we speak DDRA has more than xxx staff
members between the 6 offices. More important is DDRA’s ability to mobilize human
resources and put in place the capacity needed for any implementation of an action.


  • Logistical capacity.
  •  Well-established offices.
  • Availability of accounting and management procedures.
  • Have bank accounts in all 5 states of Darfur and Khartoum.
  • Proven experience of carrying out needs assessments and analysing the situations
    pertaining the position and issues affecting our partner communities.
  • Proven experience in community mobilisation and organisation.
  •  Ability to relate to partners and soliciting official approvals for project support:
    obtaining technical agreements signature
  • Availability of excellent management of finance, administration systems;
  • Over the years, DDRA implemented numerous actions/projects – demonstrating the capacity and ability to do so – sample of implemented action is attached.